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United Notions?

I recently had a second discussion with Jen Richmond and David Bernstein of the Hold My Drink podcast, and the Institute for Liberal Values. We used the bulk of our second dialogue to explore the difficulty some folks have in acknowledging not merely the effects but even the existence of systemic racism. Whaaat?!

In keeping with our intention to model convivial and collaborative discourse - even and especially on matters where we might not fully agree, Jen and I worked together to draft the description of the conversation. I suggested the "United Notions" title and off we went. I'm guessing you might not have too much trouble discerning Jen's voice from mine in the program description :-) but that's perfectly OK. A coalition is made up of parts acting in sufficient unison, it is not necessarily uniform. I hope and think my friends and I are finding our way towards a desperately needed coalition on matters related to DEI.

You can find the full description of the program with links to the podcast and video recording of the dialogue here.

Please feel encouraged to let me know what you think if you listen or watch.



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