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Instruction Training Workshops

Understanding and skills development regarding social identity, social bias, and social justice dynamics, implicit bias, inclusive curricula, race, and racism, how diversity, equity, inclusion matters and manifests in all aspects of an organization's operations and across all constituencies, and how to develop and implement programs with gaugeable outcomes and impact.


Keynotes for any group on topics related to social identity, social bias, and social justice that emphasize engagement, interaction, and opportunities to translate increased knowledge and improved skills into immediate action.


Facilitation of diversity equity & inclusion competence at all levels - board, administration, staff, students, and parents - through confidential coaching, policy development, conflict resolution, and policy and curriculum development.


Carlos works with schools, businesses, children, administrators, museums, school districts, farm schools, graduate students, and more.


"He was intentional about creating and fostering an environment that elicited vulnerability and encouraged growth; promoting collaboration to identify best practices; and inspiring UCSF to work as a community to develop tangible action plans that will improve diversity and inclusion at UCSF."​


Elizabeth Watkins, PhD
Dean, Graduate Division
Vice Chancellor, Student Academic Affairs
University of California, San Francisco

"It was one of the most interesting and self exploring conversations that I have ever had about racial identity."

"Everything was organized, engaging and transformational."


"The presentation was invaluable in the content and material."

"I left feeling somewhere between gratefully stilled and galvanized—[it] made me think in entirely new ways, and I felt simultaneously refreshed and challenged to learn more."

"Lots of great info, [and] he recognized and talked about opposing views. Dr. Hoyt has an eye opening way of thinking about identity. It was refreshing; I liked his focus on plurality. He truly is the future."

​anonymous feedback from The Association of Boarding Schools Conference

Washington DC

​“Over a two-year period, our work with Dr. Hoyt was meaningful, relevant and rigorous. Carlos engaged our school community to reflect and learn together through very complex, courageous conversations...

Through open, honest discussions and training on responsive discipline integrating safety, civility, and social identity, bias, and justice we were able to make application to de-escalate and respond to all students effectively.

​Eileen Woods, PhD

National Distinguished Principal, formerly of the Ottoson Middle School

Arlington, MA

Boston College Lynch Leadership Academy - Race & Equity Workshop Participant Feedback


Carlos, thank you for sharing that graphic for equity; I’ve been looking for quite some time for that type of visual that demonstrates the playing field, not the individuals, as unequal. This, much like the crop circles from last time, will be put to great use in my work as a leader for equity! Also, thanks for hearing me out during lunch regarding that important convo you facilitated; I appreciate you making your facilitator thinking visible, and for openly processing with me the impact as a participant. ~Jess


Carlos, your well-chosen metaphors and visuals always help make concepts clear and “sticky” - I feel like I’m learning a lot from you not only about how to navigate and lead deeper Social Identity-Bias-Justice work in my school of black and brown kids and white educators but how to distill things that are loaded and tricky (the n-word) to their most essential concept (we need to protect members of our community from potential harm) and to help us apply what we already know how to do well. Here’s to defending our schools as nut-free and n-word-free zones! -- Lisa


So grateful for your insights. You have made a significant impact on us, from your simple book talks at the end of our session, through your thoughtful approach to understanding all the complexities of identity. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. 


Carlos, it’s always a delight to hear your insights on race, equity, identity, and social justice. All of the sessions leave me inspired to go back to my campus and tighten up the work that is being done there. I love your examples, experiences, and humor that you add to your presentations. You challenge all of us to make this work clear and visible in our settings, which means we have to be intentional and be okay with the feelings of discomfort that it might bring.  I’m looking forward to our session in February. Take care until then and my sincere gratitude.

- Dana


Thank you for your reminder that this work can be challenging and urgent but also approached with humor and grace. The warmth and levity in your own facilitation is such a strong model of that and makes this feel much more accessible to tackle in our own settings. - Alexa


Carlos, your workshops are some of the ones I love the best.  Your calming presence and thoughtful insight are invaluable.  I’m not a person of many words, so I don’t have very many more to say, except that I truly value the time that we learn from you. - Laura


Thank you, Carlos, for another impactful and thoughtful session. Your ability to enter conversations with a sense of calm, but also a sense of urgency, gives us an example as to how to do so in our own contexts, too. We discussed important and tough topics, but I left feeling supported and empowered to continue the work, even when it is hard. Thank you for your time and care. - Beth

Carlos, thank you for reminding us that equity, diversity, and inclusion IS the work. Your guidance is invaluable as I think about doing this work in my building. Your story about the Halloween party reminded me that our stakeholders in the building and in the community may be in different places within this work and we need to honor this so that we can all move forward and create the best possible environments within our learning communities. -Lisa


Arlington Public School System | Arlington, Massachusetts

Intensive workshop for district-wide principals and administrators, June 2017, and ongoing consultation and training thereafter, with the goal of establishing a common ground of understanding and purpose to apply to day-to-day practice with measurable results.

Edith C. Baker Elementary School | Brookline MA

Consultation to the administration on efforts to maximize inclusion and equity; teacher training; student support, work with families to optimize alliance with the school

Concord Academy | Concord Massachusetts

Individual psychotherapy and group counseling support for students challenged by issues of racialization, inclusion, and equity. Consultation to the administration on efforts to maximize inclusion and equity; teacher training; student support, work with families to optimize alliance with the school


Wellan Montessori School | Newton Center, MA

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Training & Consultation

TripAdvisor | Needham, MA

Implicit Bias workshop and ongoing training and support


University of California at San Francisco, Graduate Division

Consultation to Ph.D. mentors and protégés of color to improve cross-cultural dynamics; keynote speaker on race and racism; workshops on inclusivity, implicit bias, microaggressions

Boston College Lynch Leadership Academy | Boston, MA

Workshop on Race & Equity and Social Identity, Social Bias, and Social Justice

GrubStreet Writing Center | Boston, MA

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Training & Consultation

Minds Matter Boston | Boston, MA

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Training & Consultation

AstraZeneca | Boston, MA

Power of Diversity Event: How NOT to Talk about Race: The Role of Science & Scientist in Combatting Racism


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