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2016 | Oxford University Press

The Arc of a Bad Idea

Understanding and Transcending Race

A penetrating, provocative, and promising analysis of and alternative to the hegemonic racial worldview. How race came about, how it evolved into a natural-seeming aspect of human identity, and how racialization, as a habit of the mind, can be broken is presented through the unique and corrective framing of race as a time-bound (versus eternal) concept, the lifespan of which is traceable and the demise of which is predictable.

Published Works


featured in The Psychology of Peace Promotion | 2019 | Springer

Empathy in the Service of Intra and Interpersonal Peace

"How can we understand and apply empathy in ways that are most conducive to peaceful intra- and interpersonal dynamics?"

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2012 | National Association of Social Workers

"Race is a term the meaning of which has been the subject of so much argument and mutation that its utility as a clear and reliable descriptor of a crucial form of ideology or behavior is less than certain."

The Pedagogy of the Meaning of Racism:

Reconciling a Discordant Discourse

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2008 | National Association of Social Workers

What if the Spirit Does Not Move Me?
A Personal Reconnaissance and Reconciliation

"Discourse on spirituality and practice too often involves unclear definitions and problematic
assumptions about the prevalence and relevance of spirituality in the lives of clients."



The blurring of racial lines won’t save America. Why ‘racial fluidity’ is a con

2018 | story by John Blake


Mean, Kind Or Non: Which Type Of Racist Are You?

2016 | by Carlos Hoyt Jr


Taking race out of human genetics and memetics: We can’t achieve one without achieving the other

2016 | by Carlos Hoyt Jr

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