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‘This Painting Could Be the Future’

Artist Jonathan Harris on Why His Viral Image ‘Critical Race

Theory’ Struck a Chord Around the Globe

January 24, 2022

And what if it does get to that point, 200 years from now, of, “Oh, we don’t need to teach the kids about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, or Harriet Tubman”? What if that really is the plan? That’s why I created the piece.

If we don’t push back as these bills are getting passed, this painting could be the future.

I’ve been to therapy, and the first thing you do is talk about the past. I don’t think a therapist would say, “don’t talk about what makes you uncomfortable,” or “let’s not talk about the past, let’s just move on.” That’s not the way to heal. That’s going to make it worse.



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