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Parents group launches campaign for ‘true diversity of thought’ in New England private schools

From Carlos:

The quotes excerpted below are from a Boston Globe article, published on July 11, 2021. Paywall/copyright restrictions preclude sharing the entire article here but if you're able, this article is worth a read to get a sense of how the growing concerns of some people about what's being taught about social identity, social bias, and social justice are coalescing into organized movements to curtail what they see as oppositional to free speech and "diversity of thought."

The article ends with a glimpse into how one independent school (the Groton School) makes plain its commitment to inclusive pedagogy and points out that, naturally, parents have a choice about whether or not to seek admission for their children to such a school.

From the Globe article:

A group of parents whose children attend New England private schools has mobilized to fight for “true diversity of thought” in classrooms, an effort resembling those launched elsewhere in the country in the spring by conservative groups and families against what they describe as the “indoctrination” of students with “woke” ideas about race and social issues.

The campaign by the new, Boston-based group Parents United was prompted by parents’ glimpses into their children’s remote classrooms during the pandemic, said Ashley Jacobs, the executive director. Disturbed by content they found one-sided, inflammatory, or age-inappropriate, they asked two organizations that work closely with the region’s private schools, the Association of Independent Schools in New England and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, to intervene to protect free speech and an inclusive range of views on the K-12 campuses they serve.

Parents United is seeking nonprofit status, Jacobs said, plans to hold a conference for parents in Boston in October, and is surveying students and parents about their school experiences. An online survey asks students if teachers “expect me to actively agree with his/her opinions” and if they “fear retaliation if they stray from the teacher’s preferred views.”



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