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New avenue for revised look at America's history of racism: roadside markers

"State government took down a marker in Pittsburgh's Point State Park that noted the location where British General John Forbes had a 1758 military victory that the marker claimed 'established Anglo-Saxon supremacy in the United States.'"

"'My fear is that the commission is becoming less of a true historical arbiter and more of a miniaturized version of George Orwell's Ministry of Truth that has government officers alter history to fit the convenient narrative of those in charge,' state Representative Parke Wentling wrote."

Efforts to correct Orwellian representations of social identity supremacy are resisted by means of representing them as Orwellian. The oppressor pretends to be oppressed by those they have oppressed. How dare you try to take away from us the things we took from you! How dare you exclude our exclusionary practices from your conceptualization of inclusivity! How dare you try to erase our erasures of history!

It's a terrible, diabolical, abusive kind of cheating.

Full article here.


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