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Because We Love Our Children

I’ve been wondering why a message like the one below has not yet been delivered to the powers that be.


To: All three branches of the U.S. government

From: All parents in the United States of America

Re: We’re done

We are done sacrificing our children’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness at the altar of your bizarre and indefensible embrace of the right to bear harm with weapons of mass destruction.

This September we will not be sending our children back to the killing fields. We will keep them home with us where we can keep them safe from those who know that if they wish to, they can enter a school and destroy them and the loving adults willing to give their lives trying to protect them.

Employers, you are herewith on notice, if this means we cannot go to work, then we will not go to work.

Teachers, we revere you, we are inexpressibly grateful for all you do for our children, and we are furious that your indispensable vocation has transmogrified into a necessary readiness to lay down your life on any given school day. We encourage you to join this action.

So-called leaders of this country, please notice that we have not provided facts and figures or gory accounts of the problem, and we have not provided blueprints for how to make things better. Why should we need to do that?

Please notice that we have not stipulated a “list of demands” or provided a person or group of people with whom you should engage. Why should we need to do that?

This is not an attempt to start a negotiation; it is an ultimatum.

Do your job. Fix the problem. Transform schools from minefields to the safe sites of learning and joy our kids deserve. When you do, we’ll send them back.

Because we love our children,

All parents in the United States of America



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