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Amid Awakening, Asian-Americans Are Still Taking Shape as a Political Force

There are many important reasons to pay attention to the social identity, social bias, and social justice dynamics swirling in the current upsurge in anti-Asian hostility. The most important is to know all we can so that we can do all we can to resist the forces that are generating the hate and violence directed towards people based on how they are perceived by others. Another is to mark this moment in the history of ​social ​identity formation. Social identities are in large part formed and transformed in the crucible of oppression and resistance. This article reflects an evolution of Asian identity that has all the hallmarks of other social identity evolutions - solidarity, reaction, resistance, reclaiming, and the seeking of political power in order to overcome oppression. How should we teach to this? How do we best care for community members who are in the eye of this social storm? What are our opportunities to see the natural, logical, virtuous, and (in my view) necessary coalitions between all social identity groups that have to go through this process? LINK


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