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My recent interview on the How My View Grew podcast

With gratitude to Amiel Handelsman, host of the podcast, How My View Grew, for his deft interview skills and lovely manner, I happily invite you to listen to our conversation about racialization and the nonracial worldview.

Key Takeaways

  • 8:00 Growing up in Boston—"Black and proud," changing school districts, mixing it up at summer camp

  • 18:00 Discovering research on other "race transcenders"

  • 22:00 The five steps in racializing people

  • 27:00 The pseudoscience of race

  • 34:00 Why "racial equality" is an oxymoron

  • 40:00 Making the U.S. Census more accurate

  • 44:00 How to adjust the way you refer to people

  • 50:00 Amiel's reflections, including the analogy of the Elvis Lives Fan Club


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