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Monuments And Teams Have Changed Names As America Reckons With Racism. Birds Are Next

NPR June 5, 2021

Wait. Racism, even in the naming of birds?

I imagine the reader shaking their head - perhaps even feeling that isn't this going a bit too far feeling; perhaps about to throw the PC flag in protest.

What doesn't oil spilled in an ocean ecosystem affect? How hard is it and how long does it take to detoxify a system? What kind of will and resources are required to stanch the flow and spread, to identify the harms and the harmed, to try to clean up?

I think of the images we see of birds covered in greasy, tar-like oil after a spill.

We know this poison has been spilling pervasively and perpetually for hundreds of years.

I think of the images of good people doing their best to remove the poison one bird at a time.

Link to article here.

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