Our brains tend to sort, simplify, and rank everything, including personhood. This or that, good or bad, us or them. It's hard for us to hold the multiple, intersecting aspects of personhood at once in our minds. 

Instead, like a prism, we often refract our complex whole selves into narrow categories.

Recognizing the full spectrum of social identity and resisting the tendency to reduce people to one or another restrictive category enables us to think critically and inclusively, engage empathically, reduce social bias, and thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

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Over 30 years of Diversity, Equity & 

Inclusion experience with businesses,

schools, districts, boards, administrators, students, parents, and more.

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Carlos Hoyt, PhD, LICSW

is a teacher, an author, and a facilitator providing guidance beyond the false and problematic habits of mind that result in social bias.



2016 | Oxford University Press

The Arc of a Bad Idea

Understanding and Transcending Race

 "Race is a time-bound (versus eternal) concept, the lifespan of which is traceable and the demise of which is predictable."


featured in The Psychology of Peace Promotion | 2019 | Springer

Empathy in the Service of Intra and Interpersonal Peace

"How can we understand and apply empathy in ways that are most conducive to peaceful intra- and interpersonal dynamics?"

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2012 | National Association of Social Workers

The Pedagogy of the Meaning of Racism:

Reconciling a Discordant Discourse

"Race is a term the meaning of which has been the subject of so much argument and mutation that its utility as a clear and reliable descriptor of a crucial form of ideology or behavior is less than certain.