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The master's map

will never take us

beyond the master's boundaries.

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In this episode of How My View Grew, educator Carlos Hoyt describes his early life experience transcending racial categories and how he discovered that the entire concept of "race" was false and unhelpful. What if the racial categories that pervade our conversations, public policy, and social science data are scientifically meaningless? What can we learn from people who have deracialized themselves and others? How might these insights improve lives and undermine racism at its roots?

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Over 30 years of Diversity, Equity & 
Inclusion experience with businesses,
schools, districts, administrators, boards, students, parents, and more.

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The Social Identity Prism

Carlos Hoyt, PhD, LICSW

is a teacher, an author, and a facilitator providing guidance beyond the false and problematic habits of mind that result in social bias.

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