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The master's map

will never take us

beyond the master's boundaries.

In May I'll have an opportunity to present the petition/proposal to improve the U.S. Census Bureau's approach to collecting race data to a group of Bureau representatives. The more support I can point to for the modest but crucial change we're promoting, the more likely it is to get some traction. 

If you haven't had the chance to add your name or share the petition with others who might add their names, please consider being part of this effort.

                      Link to the petition.



Over 30 years of Diversity, Equity & 

Inclusion experience with businesses,

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Carlos Hoyt, PhD, LICSW

is a teacher, an author, and a facilitator providing guidance beyond the false and problematic habits of mind that result in social bias.



2016 | Oxford University Press

The Arc of a Bad Idea

Understanding and Transcending Race

 "Race is a time-bound (versus eternal) concept, the lifespan of which is traceable and the demise of which is predictable."


featured in The Psychology of Peace Promotion | 2019 | Springer

Empathy in the Service of Intra and Interpersonal Peace

"How can we understand and apply empathy in ways that are most conducive to peaceful intra- and interpersonal dynamics?"

Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 11.08.28

2012 | National Association of Social Workers

The Pedagogy of the Meaning of Racism:

Reconciling a Discordant Discourse

"Race is a term the meaning of which has been the subject of so much argument and mutation that its utility as a clear and reliable descriptor of a crucial form of ideology or behavior is less than certain.

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